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Ticket Photo Replay: Obama's umbrella defense strategy

December 22, 2010 |  4:32 pm


Democrats Michelle and Barack Obama negotiate a New Orleans gate with an umbrella 8-28-10

During the holiday season, as in years past, The Ticket is republishing some of our favorite items from the previous political year. This story was originally published on Sept. 4, 2010:

Again, we have a surreal photograph of President Barack Obama in action. This time the confused Democrat is caught in the New Orleans rain with a wide umbrella, a narrow gate and no White House staff to help.

Possible captions include:

-- Was this umbrella from the Bush era?

-- Get me Petraeus!

-- Honey, maybe if you climb up and over the gate......

-- Where the #$&\* is Rahm when you need him?

-- No, I never ran a private business. Senators have staff for this.

-- We need a new federal program to design collapsible umbrellas for tight spaces.

-- Umbrella was an elective at Harvard.

-- OK, so the top of the gate represents 37 million uninsured Americans. Now, if we raise the price of health insurance for everyone up to here....

-- Julie Andrews made this look so easy.

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Barack Obama, at secret door, atop a mystery stairway to somewhere

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: A.J. Sisco / Pool-Getty