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The weekend's top typo: Miserly Democratic National Committee hands out a little more money to states

November 1, 2010 |  5:36 am

A happy Democrat president Barack ObamaSeeking to find some good news to disseminate amid a bounteous harvest of otherwise dire political predictions for Democrats in Tuesday's voting, the Democratic National Committee sent out a rapid response news release over the weekend.

It proudly announced that the committee, headed by President Obama favorite Tim Kaine, had just presented 11 different state parties with a total of $2.67 to split among themselves for last-minute expenses.

That works out to about 24 cents per state. However, maybe two states could combine their DNC resources and buy one postage stamp for a voter reminder that would arrive too late.

Of course, being the current party that controls everything in Washington -- the White House, Senate and House of Representatives -- the Democratic organization had made a typographical error. It really should have been $2.67 billion.A Quarter dollar as in 25 cents

No, just kidding. But with all the money flying around from both sides this campaign you believed it for a second, didn't you? The DNC meant to announce the amount distributed was $2.67 million. Billions, millions, what's the difference? One letter.

Shows how much change there's been back there: That sum used to be considered sizeable until the party's Washington community got organized by those Illinois folks 22 months ago.

You want big numbers? Mark your calendars for Dec. 1, when the president's deficit commission is scheduled to report.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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