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Bristol Palin on 'Shooting with the Stars': Wisconsin man casts lead vote against her dancing

November 17, 2010 |  6:40 pm

Bristol Palin is in here.

Everyone remembers Democratic primary candidate Barack Obama's comment about quaint small-town Pennsylvania people clinging bitteA wounded TVrly to their guns and religion. Those pathetic conservative rubes who don't have to know how to lock their house or car overnight.

Anyway, that recorded comment at a big city San Francisco primary fundraiser back in 2008 helped cost the Real Good Talker the state of Pennsylvania, which fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton captured, along with those Buckeye bozo delegates from Ohio and those stupid Texans who still don't know how to barbecue up some yummy arugula.

So much for his conservative Democratic support.

As Cubachi so vividly describes over at HotAir, now comes a 67-year-old Wisconsin man named Steven Cowan, who like many husbands had had just about enough Monday night of watching "Dancing with the Stars." There, Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, like her mom, has annoyed the heck out of millions of folks by staying in the dumb dance competition each week despite polls saying her Republican mother is unqualified for the presidency.Steven Cowan

Just about every American, if they're honest and not running for office, has talked back to MSNBC or Fox News on television. It's cathartic and risks no contradiction.

Steven, being a Wisconsin cheesehead who'd also been consuming some fermented non-dairy products, went a step further, according to the police report. When he'd had enough of the show and the young Palin, he just took out his gun and blasted the television.

Not a common-sense conservative thing to do, because now his wife won't be able to watch the finals. She might mention that to him in coming days, although maybe not. She called police. And it took a SWAT team all night to talk Cowan into surrendering.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Dane County Sheriff's Dept. (Cowan).