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Sharron Angle - Harry Reid debate: On whether the Iraq war was lost

October 14, 2010 |  6:53 pm

Reid-iraql9elslnc Fox to Reid: Did you demoralize the troops when you said the war in Iraq was lost?

Reid defends himself, though does not answer the question. He says the surge was the right thing to do. "The surge worked." He praises Gen. David Petraeus. "He is my friend." He says he has supported the troops and has been endorsed by Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Angle responds, "I didn't get to vote for either one of those wars. ... But I do know this. We need to support our military ... and their families as well."

She becomes harsh: "When you said this war is lost and said that Gen. Petraeus was dishonest, that emboldened our enemies, demoralized our troops and endangered them, and you need to apologize to them, Senator.

Reid ignores her and reiterates his support for the troops.  


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