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Social media wrap: Schwarzenegger pumps up Russia's Silicon Valley 'gold mine'

October 11, 2010 | 10:44 am

Great things happen “when one and one become three,” California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told a delegation of Moscow business leaders on Monday. 

He wasn’t talking about California’s recent budget deal, but Russia’s “Silicon Valley” of Skolkovo, which he also called a “gold mine” during a four-day trade mission to the former superpower. 

Speaking about Russia’s entrepreneurialism, business climate and technological nous, Schwarzenegger was giddy as a schoolgirl on his first visit to Moscow in 20 years, judging by the stream of tweets and pictures he posted to his Twitter account, including one of the governor and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev lifting weights. 

Medvedev, a stern and austere tweeter as the Ticket has previously noted, matched ...

... Schwarzenegger’s upbeat updates with a lighthearted zinger of his own: 

I discussed with @Schwarzenegger not only investment but also sports

That’s about as exciting as Medvedev gets on Twitter, unfortunately. But what a great pic. 

Schwarzenegger, for his part, seemed to be having a great time, snapping pictures of himself onArnold-Schwarzenggger-russia the Moscow subway with the U.S. and Austrian ambassadors to Russia and during his visit to Skolkovo -- or Innograd, as it’s known. The visit echoed Medvedev’s visit to Twitter offices in Silicon Valley earlier this year, when he sent his first tweet (and later signed up the Kremlin to Top of the Ticket’s Twitter feed).

Schwarzengger tweeted: 

Riding with President Medvedev in his great car. You're a great driver, Mr. President! @KremlinRussia.

Having a great time with President Medvedev in his beautiful residence @KremlinRussia_E

Riding the subway in Moscow with the Austria and the United States Ambassadors to Russia

Meeting California Marines at the US Embassy in Moscow

Medvedev, once again proving he has the comic timing of of a Marx -- Karl, not Groucho -- even offered Schwarzenegger the (currently vacant) post of Moscow mayor. We suggest Schwarzenegger, who’s termed out of the California governorship, could also become Medvedev’s social-media advisor.   

-- Craig Howie

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Photos, from top: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Russia's Dmitry Medvedev. Credit: The Kremlin / via Twitter.  Schwarzenegger and ambassadors on the Moscow Subway. Credit: Twitter