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Best of the week's late night jokes starring Donald Trump, President Obama and Bo the First Dog

October 15, 2010 | 11:00 am

In a new feature on Top of the Ticket, we'd like to celebrate some of the funnier political jokes cracked by the late-night TV shows or posted on Twitter. If you have some more, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Fallon: I understand Pres Obama watched the Chile miners rescue. He wanted to see how other countries get out of deep holes.

Letterman: Well, thank goodness they caught the man who streaked President Obama in Philadelphia. He's going to have to spend the rest of 1974 in jail.

Leno: Pres Obama plans long 12-day trip to India & Asia next mth. I cant imagine why hed want to leave the country right after these elections.

Fallon: A Greek billionaire pays $1million to that Obama streaker Sunday. Obama called it immature. Joe Biden said it was totally worth it.

Leno: The economy is so bad NBCs new show is Law & Order: IOU. Its so bad atty Gloria Allred almost took a real case to make some money.

Fallon: SAfrican chimp Charlie who smoked cigs dies @ 52. U can probly guess what he died from – he drove his little motorcycle off a cliff.

Letterman: So Donald Trump might run for president. I think its true. Hes not the kind of guy whod stage something just for publicity.

'SNL': Eliot Spitzers new political talkshow Parker-Spitzer premiered to low ratings. To remember its channel, just think Client Number Nine.

Fallon: President Obama reveals he has Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones on his iPod. Unfortunately, the interview question was, "What's your economic plan?"

Letterman: Former British prime minister Tony Blair on the show. He's here to announce he's running for mayor of Chicago.

Fallon: Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan criticizes Pres Obama 4 not training Bo right. He wont respond 2 commands like sit, stay, fix the economy.

Letterman: Happy Birthday to Pres Obamas dog, Bo. 2 yrs old. Heres the difference b/t Obamas dog and the economy: Obama fixed the dog.

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-- Posted by Tony Pierce, compiled by Andrew Malcolm

Photo: Juan J. Rodriguez is escorted from a rally in Philadelphia, where President Obama was speaking over the weekend. Credit: Matt Rourke / Associated Press

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