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McRib sandwiches are back and Obama is no doubt so there

October 13, 2010 | 11:44 pm

McDonalds Mcrib sandwich

McRib sandwiches are back after 16 years of absence most everywhere.

And no one is likely happier than the nation's top fastfood chomper, Barack Obama, who's been pulling his presidential motorcades over at the slightest hunger twinge during all these useless political trips he's making across the country to show his efforts to salvage less of a Democratic defeat in the midterm elections next month.

But the Eater-in-Chief mainly does the fast-food thing when he travels alone.

First Lady Michelle Obama is on a new national health food kick, despite her husband's proclivity for participating in fast snacks. She even wants the country's restaurants to rewrite their menus and eliminate some best-selling but less-healthy dishes. Good luck with that, ma'am.Democrat president Barack Obama eating a cheesesteak

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (two, actually) in Philly. And on Monday in Miami, the president pulled over for a sloppy sausageburger topped with fries. He then told reporters not to tell his wife. Which they didn't not do.

The president's next opportunity for fast-food is Friday when, for some strange reason, he and his cheeseburger buddy Joe Biden are going to campaign together in Delaware, both of them without their wives.

Why Delaware, you might ask?

Good question. According to polls, Democrat Chris Coons is far ahead of Republican Christine O'Donnell in the race for Biden's very old Senate seat. (The two debated Wednesday evening, we had full coverage and a complete topic recap right here.)

So why aren't the big White House guns aimed at some tighter race where their appearance might matter more? Has polling showed some Coons' sagging.

Or is it the big fast-food opportunities in the small state?

Obama can't fill his presidential piehole with 44 grams of McRib carbs on Sunday when he goes to Columbus, Ohio, because the Mrs. will be along with him. A nice Cobb saldad that day on Air Force One.

Anyway, the good calendrical caloric news for the president is that on election day, Nov. 2, when the real news of the day is likely to be not so good, the other news is that McDonald's is bringing back McRibs nationally after they've only been available episodically regionally for the last several years. At least for six weeks anyway.

Not that we would know, but we hear McRibs have nothing to do with ribs at all. They are instead six-inch, boneless pork patties shaped like a rib slab and slathered with BBQ sauce, pickles and hold the onions because that's a dead giveaway if she checks his breath.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: CBS News (the president downs another Philly cheesesteak).