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Christine O'Donnell - Chris Coons debate: Stem cell research

October 13, 2010 |  5:43 pm

In response to a question from a University of Delaware student, Chris Coons in his first debate with Christine O’Donnell said that he supported federal funding for stem cell research.

When pressed by a moderator on whether he meant embryonic stem cell research, he nodded and said, “Embryonic stem cell research.”

O’Donnell, who has often spoken about her Christian beliefs and opposes abortion, took another view.

She suggested that work on embryonic stem cells was not necessary. She said that studies show that there have been great strides in adult stem cell research. These cells, she said, could be used for medical advances.

As far as the federal government endorsing the use of embryonic cells, “the government should not create life merely to destroy it.”

Coons and O'Donnell hope to capture the Senate seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden.


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Is Chris Coons a socialist?


 -- Steve Padilla

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Photo: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times