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Christine O'Donnell - Chris Coons debate: Sounding the call of the 'tea party'

October 13, 2010 |  6:09 pm

Moderator Wolf Blitzer returns to Christine O'Donnell's witch ad. What were you thinking?

"To put it to rest," she replied, "to put it behind me."

In her closing statement, O'Donnell was harsh on opponent Chris Coons, who she said "has a record of raising taxes and spending." She said he is in "lockstep with Barack Obama and Harry Reid. And that's why Harry Reid has called him his pet."

Sounding the call of the "tea party" movement, of which she is one of the highest-profile candidates, she added that what Washington, D.C., needs now  "are new voices, and we need to look to the people and not to the government.

"My opponent is addicted to a culture of spending waste fraud and abuse. ... I want to go to Washington and be the voice of the people of Delaware, not any special-interest group. I do believe that America is the greatest force of good in the world and I have never questioned whether America is a beacon of freedom and justice."

One thing we all learned tonight: Someone who lives in Delaware is a "Delawarean."

-- Robin Abcarian

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