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Say what? The Tea Party schedules a rally in Beverly Hills

September 22, 2010 |  5:26 pm

OMG, will the Hollywood liberals still be standing come Sunday night?

A band of LA conservatives is planning the first ever official Tea Party rally this Sunday afternoon in Beverly Hills, that sunken swamphole of lavish homes and billionaires who've likely lost millions during these difficult economic times.Pat Boone

According to the announcement, Pat Boone, Victoria Jackson, Ben Stein, Connie Stevens and other surviving conservatives will gather at Beverly Gardens Park on Santa Monica Blvd. starting at 2 p.m. for a rally, speeches, music and other political folderol associated with such outdoor events during a midterm election season.

The grassroots, anti-establishment political rebellion is named for the revolutionary era Boston Tea Party that tried to blame native Americans for its unauthorized tax-protesting ship-unloading into Boston harbor. The modern version began began in early 2009 in shock over the scale of federal spending under the Obama administration and the anticipated tax consequences of same.

It has gained nationwide strength in ensuing months as an in-your-face challenge to Washington establishment types emitting political directives to states on political preferences. And it's produced a series of surprising primary upsets this year, with former governor Sarah Palin as its most celebrated advocate. See Palin's latest campaign video celebrating the Tea Party movement here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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