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Ticket photo of the week: A very big grave for Manyula

September 25, 2010 |  7:00 am

El Salvador elephant Manyula in 2000

A sad day in El Salvador this week.One of many costumed mourners who showed up for the funeral of Manyula the Asian elephant in El Salvador

Manyula died.

The Asian elephant arrived from India at that nation's National Zoo in 1955, which was even before Joe Biden was a senator.

In fact, the current vice president was only a seventh-grader at the time that the symbol of the Republican Party moved into that Central American zoo.

Nearly three generations of locals visited Manyula over the ensuing 55 years and she became a friendly fixture in the memory of countless families.

Hundreds of mourners, some wearing costumes, showed up for her funeral in a very large grave beneath a very large tarpaulin festooned with flowers.

The United States did not send an official delegation headed by a vice president.

The carefully excavated grave containing the body of Manyula the Asian elephant at the National Zoo in San Salvador

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Reuters