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California's Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ponders his Sacramento after-life

September 20, 2010 |  6:02 am

California's Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have perhaps had enough of politics for now.California Republican governor Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger in China 9-10

Even if he could become president. Which he can't because of his accent. Also, he wasn't born in this country or to American parents. So looks like no cigar-smoking tent for the White House for now.

In fact, the Republican says he doesn't even like to be called a politician.

"I don’t like when you call me a politician. Because I’m not a politician. I’m a public servant. And I feel that a lot of times politics kind of destroys all the good ideas. I am just for what is right for the state. I am a visionary," Schwarzenegger said modestly.

The governor, who has not accepted any state paychecks in office, spoke during an interview with Ana Marie Cox for GQ magazine.

He said he anticipated opposition to his 2005 special election proposals, but he didn't expect to be defeated on all of them. He's decided he didn't handle the presentations properly, too much of 'my way or the highway.' Which sounds like one of his action movie titles actually.

As for his future after next January when either Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown will inherit the state's gargantuan deficits, the ex-bodybuilder says he's undecided for now.

Then, Schwarzenegger added: "Something that doesn't involve losing."

Which pretty much narrows it down to knitting.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Philippe Lopez / AFP (Schwarzenegger in China this month).