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Miss USA Rima Fakih's dress in tribute to President Obama, who might actually be watching a Sox game

August 20, 2010 |  8:14 am

(UPDATE: Monday: Well, the wings couldn't lift her to victory. Miss USA got tossed early and Miss Mexico wins the Miss Universe pageant.)

This is a very special day for us here at The Ticket. We have a wonderful video for your breakfast erudition, a kind of tribute to Rima Fakih, who is Miss USA and who is competing Monday evening in the Miss Universe pageant that everyone's been waiting all summer for.

You'll never guess which Nevada city the pageant will be televised from on NBC.

Fakih will be wearing an unusual winged garment that she sees as a tribute to both this special country and its special president. This video shows the engineering and construction of the garment, which takes quite a lot of work for covering so little of Ms. Fakih.

"Mr. President," Fakih says, "the amazing costume I will wear during the Miss Universe pageant represents the celebration of life, liberty and all that is American." She also explains to the president, who has already ordered two troop surges into the Afghanistan war, the symbolic meanings of the olive branch and the arrow.

And she adds, "The symbolism of this costume is a tribute to your work to bring peace to the world."

Hopefully, President Obama will be back from the golf course by 6 p.m. Pacific on Monday.


Our industrious colleague Christie over at Ministry of Gossip here actually had the official dress photo first -- and her own comments.

And so the special dress is done. It does nothing for world hunger. But it's all very exciting. And Monday is the big day when a few Americans will tune in to see whether Fakih's dress flies with the audience -- or, more important, the judges.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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