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Social nets wrap: Online reaction to President Obama's immigration address

July 1, 2010 |  5:56 pm

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah): The president's call for immigration reform is little more than cynical political pandering to his left-wing political base and is more about giving backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants than real reform. Hatch Responds

Mayor Mike Bloomberg (New York): There is no question we have to get control of our border. Mike talks Immigration Reform

JudgeCarter (Texas): Why didn't Obama mention during immigration speech that gunfire from Juarez recently hit El Paso's City Hall?? Thankfully, no one hurt.

Office of the Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard, AZPOST - Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board has released its training video for Police Officers regarding SB1070. (Warning, the video is hard right now to watch due to the high traffic volume.)

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.): Did you watch President Obama’s speech on immigration this morning? It’s very disappointing that he still believes amnesty is a solution to our illegal immigration problem. As the chairman of the Senate Boarder Security Caucus, I’ll continue to be a leader on enforcing our immigration laws. Here’s an op-ed I wrote for the Natchez Democrat today:  Free pass to citizenship not an option.

RepDanBurton (R-Ind.): President Obama's immigration speech was short on details and long on emotions. - #tcot

BarackObama: By appealing not to people’s fears but to their hopes and ideals, we can put politics aside for an immigration system that is accountable.

fredthompson: Obama: must fix broken immigration system. Ya know what's better than a new law on immigration? A new wall on the border. #ftrs #tcot

BilbrayCA50 (R-Carlsbad): Obama can pass immigration reform by focusing on employers exploiting illegal labor:

RepTomPrice (R-Ga.): President Obama should be thanking Arizona for lending a hand, not threatening the state with a lawsuit.

CandiceMiller (R-Mich.):  Americans will not support any imm. reform until our borders are secure. Let’s get to work on fixing that problem...

-- Craig Howie

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