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Gulf oil disaster: Jon Stewart rips Obama's tough talk

June 9, 2010 |  1:59 pm


It's a lose-lose situation for President Obama.

Endlessly derided for his drone-like or lack of response to the Gulf Coast oil disaster, the one time the president actually showed some emotion, comedian Jon Stewart rips him a, errr, rips him in half, we'll say.

Tuesday night, Stewart lampooned the president's interview with Matt Lauer, in which Obama said he was talking to experts to find out "whose ass to kick" for the oil spill.

"Barack Obama is about to embark on Assquest 2010," Stewart shouted. "The search for kickable ass."

"Who should receive the brunt of the president's size 12 Air Jordans?" he asked. 

Cue video of the president: "It's my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down."

"He has to kick his own ass!" Stewart announced. Audience cheered.

Stewart then became a geyser himself, spewing frustration over the president's use of the word "complicated" when discussing any of the big issues.  Mentioning the oil disaster, financial regulatory reform, healthcare and Guantanamo Bay, Stewart's staff -- of course -- had video footage of the president using "it's complicated" to describe each one.

"SO SIMPLIFY IT!" Stewart yelled at one point. "You're the president!"

Full of stress-filled angst, Stewart then made a prediction.

"Mr. President, let me guess what's your favorite movie? Don't answer, let me guess."

Perfect set-up.  Meryl Streep's and Alec Baldwin's "It's Complicated" flashed up on the screen.

"I'm glad that you are looking for an ass to kick," Stewart concluded. "But in the meantime I gotta tell ya, the ass has been kicking you."

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-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo: Jon Stewart.  Credit: YouTube