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Who the heck is Rojo Johnson?

May 7, 2010 |  4:52 pm


Nah, Rojo Johnson has little to do with politics. 

But it's a Friday. And being baseball fans, we just stumbled upon a so-called sports story that deserves mentioning.

Besides, the focus here is on Will Ferrell, the guy that came up with the term "strategery" when playing the part of George W. Bush for years on "Saturday Night Live."

Saying that, we'll introduce you to Rojo Johnson. Rojo is Ferrell's latest creation. In the same vein as Jackie Moon (Semi-Pro), Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights), and Chaz Michael Michaels (Blades of Glory), Rojo is the latest Will Ferrell sports character. He's a baseball player. And he made his start last night for the Houston Astros Triple-A squad, the Round Rock Express.

He lasted all of one pitch before being thrown out of the game (and that was before he downed a beer on the pitcher's mound).

It was all a gag to bring attention to a golf tournament in Texas to benefit College for Cancer, an organization that provides scholarships to cancer survivors.

Ferrell and the CEO of the Express came up with the wacky idea. They probably thought the video might just go viral and it would bring extra attention to such a worthy cause. They were right. And it's a great video.

So until Rojo Johnson makes his way to the big screen, we at least have this five-minute video. Enjoy.

-- Jimmy Orr

Photo: Will Ferrell as Rojo Johnson.  Credit: YouTube

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