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Kids say the darndest things -- to First Lady Michelle Obama; Illegal immigrant's child confesses on camera

May 19, 2010 |  4:34 pm

The idea was while their two presidential husbands -- Barack and Felipe -- were meeting to address some volatile issues like illegal immigrants between the United States and Mexico, the two wives -- Michelle and Margarita -- would have photogenic motherly chats with local second-graders.

Spousal protocol.

That was the plan. And they did.

But then folks began listening to the poor audio quality of the exchanges with children sitting nearby on the floor. And, lo and behold, one of the youngsters wearing a green hair bow tells Mrs. Obama she's heard Barack Obama is rounding up immigrants without papers and sending them home.

And when the first lady says, well, that has to be fixed, the girl blurts out that her mother doesn't have papers. (See video below.)

Mrs. Obama adroitly says that needs fixing too.

Illegal immigrants and the social, criminal, drug and political issues involved with the presence of millions of them passing across the porous federal borders and through border states is the ticking political time-bomb of 2010, under-estimated in its emotional potential.

Arizona lit the latest fuse by giving up on federal promises to finally secure the border with Mexico and passing a tough state law enabling local police to grab those without proper immigration documents. It takes effect this summer.

Obama doesn't like that idea (See Related Items below.), but says he sees no congressional appetite to address the festering issues. President Calderon doesn't like it either and took the occasion of his state visit to the White House on Wednesday to criticize the American state's new law.

School officials refused to provide the child's name. And after showing her face on camera, MSNBC anchors feign frets that others will try to identify the youngster.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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