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Joe Biden update: Worries out loud over making a Blumenthal mistake but gaffes anyway

May 26, 2010 |  1:46 pm


You've been there before. It's a backyard barbecue. People are mingling. Beer is served. And one guy has too many Natty Lights and starts telling you what he really thinks.

Enter Joe Biden.

Except the tee-totaling vice president doesn't need to be over-served (or served at all) to be candid, God love him. 

Biden hosted a barbecue for wounded veterans and their families Tuesday night when he seized an opportunity to bring up his good friend Richard Blumenthal.

Biden was reportedly talking about the experience of troops returning from Vietnam. And Blumenthal, a member of Biden's own party and a Senate candidate in Connecticut, just made news for talking about his service in Vietnam.


Except Blumenthal was busted for saying he served in Vietnam when he didn't.

No matter to Biden. Those are just details! 

"I didn't serve in Vietnam," Biden told the crowd. "I don't want to make a Blumenthal mistake here. Our attorney general from Connecticut, God love him."

Later, Biden acknowledged that he has a "bad habit of saying exactly what I think."

But it's all a hilarious joke, right?

"No comment," muttered Blumenthal communications director Maura Downes.

-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo: Vice President Joe Biden flexes his muscles at a barbecue Tuesday night. Credit: Associated Press