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William Shatner for commander of Canada? Why not!

April 28, 2010 |  5:32 am


Dammit Jim, he's an actor, not a politician!

But if fans of William Shatner have their way, the captain of the USS Enterprise will be the head honcho of Canada. Sort of. Head appointed one anyway.

Set your phazers on stunned. A technology reporter from Canada's National Post, apparently having a slow news day, created a Facebook page promoting the Canadian-born Shatner for the position of Governor General of Canada, the Queen's official representative. And at this writing, nearly 40,000 people had signed up for the cause.

"Little did I know, the quirky project I started on a lark would soon become...

a big green space monster," said Matt Hartley on his blog today.

Reasons Facebook user Tarah Thompson-Schwan: "Why the heck not? Ah-nold became Governor of California, after all!"

Hey, he's got the support of Leonard Nimoy. The Vulcan told the Winnipeg Free Press that Shatner "needs something to do."

"He's been sitting around twiddling his thumbs and I say: 'Billy, get off your butt and get yourself a job.'" Nimoy said. Remember: Vulcans never bluff. It's not rational.

What does the position entail? After all, it sounds pretty powerful.

"The Governor General's position is largely ceremonial," explains Hartley.

Oh. So he'd be like Joe Effing Biden (without the really, really busy schedule, of course).

He's got our ceremonial vote. Not that The Ticket gets one.

Heck, being American we're expected to pretend we don't even know that Canada is by far the United States' largest trading partner and is 10% larger than its southern neighbor (or neighbour) with 1/10th the population.

But after Shatner's performance on the George Lopez show last week (see video below), we can think of no one better for the honor. Or honour.

-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo: Captain Kirk.  Err.... William Shatner.  Credit:  AP