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Scott Brown not running for president in 2012 (why is this news?)

April 23, 2010 |  9:01 am


Scott Brown running for president?  Come on, that's as likely as Tim Tebow getting picked in the first round of the NFL draft.

Errr.... scratch that.

In case you were pinning your hopes on the new senator from Massachusetts to carry the Republican flag in the 2012, you'll be disappointed.

He took himself out of the race.  Not that he was ever in it.  But when asked about that possibility this morning on the "Today" show, he removed all doubt.

"Absolutely, 2012, I'm ruling it out," he said.

And, of course he should be asked that question.  After all, he's been in office three months.  To the day, in fact.

So the next logical question had to be if he was running at a later time -- like maybe 2016 or 2020.  To that, of course, he said "yes" and announced his slogan, the campaign website, and vice presidential running mate.

Either that or he realized the silliness of the question and punted.

"I'm not even going to jump at that," he responded.  "Nice try."

So, who would he back?  No surprise.  He's a Romney guy.  Although he said he thought Sarah Palin was qualified to sit in the Oval.

Twitter traffic was predictably partisan and creative.

"Scott Brown (R-NakedCenterfold) thinks Sarah Palin (R-BeautyPageantLoser) is qualified to run for president," sniped Cryptonomicon2. 

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-- Jimmy Orr

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Photo: Scott Brown appearing on the "Today" show. Credit: MSNBC screengrab