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Anthony Weiner's 'navel-gazing' vs. Sarah Palin's 'Reload!' You decide

April 18, 2010 |  6:28 am


Well, it's not like there was an actual contest.  If there were, based on their recent comments, you'd have to give the edge to Sarah Palin over U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York.

Why would you compare these two anyway?  Some are saying he's a Democratic version of Palin. Well, in terms of being a forceful speaker. They're both feisty. Not afraid to get in your face. Pit bull -- with and without lipstick.

That's true. But in terms of recent sound bites, Palin has the upper hand.

Her recent charge: "Never retreat, instead reload" is easy to remember and really fires up a crowd.

And sure, she got a lot of criticism over it, but she assures the fretters that....

.... images on her Facebook page notwithstanding, it was not a call to violence. It was more loving in nature. Drill, baby, drill -- but with cross hairs.

No doubt "reload" will be repeated time and time again in political contests all over the country.

Weiner's sound bite?  Like an audio hieroglyph. Impossible to understand and not likely to be the Democratic National Committee's slogan for 2012.

Weiner was speaking at a Manhattan bar to a group of young Democrats recently when he came out with this ear-numbing zinger:

Every single moment that we are stroking our beards and gazing at our navel and thinking about the world we'd like to be and singing 'Kumbaya' is another day we're not punching Bill O'Reilly in the nose.

And Palin was criticized for her alleged call to violence?

By the way, you think O'Reilly has hurt feelings over the pronouncement?

The FOX commentator smirked when playing the video before bequeathing Weiner his "pinhead" of the night award. You can check out the video here.

That's not to say that Weiner didn't have an easy-to-remember sound bite, however. He did. A bit later. Although it might get rave reviews from Rahm Emmanuel and Joe Biden, it's not something that will likely become a chant in convention halls.

He was talking about the "tea party" movement. No, he didn't join. But he said he attends the gatherings.

“I follow Twitter for the Tea Party and just show up to f@#& with them,” he said.

The crowd approved.

-- Jimmy Orr

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