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Joy Behar questions John McCain's courage for declining TV invite

March 30, 2010 |  7:51 pm

John McCain on the ABC show The View previously

Joy "That Can't Possibly Be My Real First Name" Behar was on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" tonight to question the courage of Sen. John McCain.

As you may recall, the Navy attack pilot veteran was flying on a mission over Hanoi when he was shot down during the Vietnam War, when Behar was somewhere else.

McCain spent about six years as a POW in North Vietnam, undergoing beatings and torture such that he lost full use of his arms and hands. He refused a chance to be released early from prison without his fellow U.S. prisoners.

And now that the 73-year-old Arizona senator is no longer running for president (he lost in 2008, in case you're wondering), McCain sees no need to return to be talked at on the ABC morning chat-fest, "The View."

McCain also, it must be rememJohn McCain as a 
prisoner of war during the Vietnam warbered, had the audacity to select then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on the GOP ticket in 2008, which turned out great for Behar's favorite candidate.

This all apparently annoys Behar quite a bit.

She retains full use of her mouth, obviously. Here's what Behar told Jay on tonight's show:

"Here’s a guy who was held captive by the Vietnamese--I mean they left him for dead for how long?  Five years and he was out there, he was tortured, they broke his arm and he went back to Vietnam and he forgave them. 

"But he will not come back on 'The View.' "

Behar apparently was also really worked up because someone named Glenn Beck allegedly has her on some enemies' list or whatever and has talked about her.

Behar wants the talk show host to be neutered, for some reason. That's what she said.

Hey, it's showbiz, right?

Anyway, following the recent example of Vice President Joe Effing Biden, Behar drops the f-bomb on Beck too. (See video.) (Note to editor: The NBC censor did your work with the famous TV bleep.)

That should help Beck's ratings over on Fox News that don't need much help.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: ABC (McCain during a previous appearance on "The View"). Prison photo credit unknown. Video courtesy of NBC.