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Obama's amazing ability to feign interest in stuff

February 17, 2010 |  4:24 pm


The Ticket has to give props to New York Magazine for taking a series of fairly uninteresting archived photos, pointing out how mundane they are and making the entire package absolutely hilarious.

Exhibit A: "A history of Obama feigning interest in mundane things."

Flip through these pictures and keep a close eye on President Obama's face. In each one, he seems to pay cursory attention to the trivial display presented to him.

Oh, an electricity generator, you say? Hmm.

Just look through here? Intriguing.

So, this is how glass is made? Fascinating.

It's all a part of campaigning and looking genuinely interested for the benefit of the cameras catching his every twitch.

Sure, after the fifth wind turbine manufacturing plant, things must start to get a little dull for any president. If there really is an Area 51 filled with green monsters from space, Obama has probably seen it.

Still, we can't help but crack up over Obama's ability to at least try to pretend he's into these things.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Obama examines a Shopbot, automatic wood cutting machine, during a tour of the Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Fabrication Lab at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio on Jan. 22. Credit: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images