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Joe Biden gaffe update: A century here, a century there, pretty soon they all look alike

February 17, 2010 |  3:08 pm
Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe.

There stood the longtime senator, short-time vice president on Tuesday in Michigan touting the cutting-edge economic stimulation plan that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote for the Obama administration to sign almost exactly one year ago.

It hasn't done much. So Biden, who was a senator when his boss President Obama was just a sixth-grader, was playing some defense and sharing his long historical perspective.

Watch this video and see what he said:

Twentieth century? Really? This from the vice president who had President Roosevelt watching the Great Depression on television years before he or it was around.

Anyway, fortunately for Biden he had the Associated Press covering his remarks, as pointed out by Andrew Breitbart.

In its news coverage that news organization tidied up the Democrat's latest gaffe into what he obviously really meant to say -- "throughout the 21st century."

As no doubt it would do for anyone in public life, say, George W. Bush or Sarah Palin.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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