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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with Flat Stanley

January 26, 2010 |  7:00 am


What can politics fans discern from this photo?

1) California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a father who plays along with the running Flat Stanley gimmick handed down among generations of young people, even though the term-limited, unpaid officeholder will never need another vote.

2) This photo was taken late in the day.

3) The terminator is still reading weightlifting magazines.

4) "The Last Action Hero" now wears eyeglasses in private.

5) He writes in bold letters with a broad-tipped Sharpie pen that most politicians carry for autographs (See Sarah Palin's purse).

6) He gets his gubernatorial to-do list in large-type now.

7) He got most everything checked off that list the day this photo was taken and captioned: "One of my many gubernatorial duties, meeting with Flat Stanley."

This particular Flat Stanley, btw, was produced by Demi David, a five-year-old in Tulsa, who can now be officially found on the Internet. Friends will reproduce this photo for laughs at a bridal shower someday.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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