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Unemployed? Underemployed? Try this faux game show to win a welfare check

December 7, 2009 |  3:24 pm

There's probably no better way to tackle the gravely depressing topic of American unemployment (recently "improved" to 10%) than with a cartoon parody.

The financial blog Mint has posted a funny look at the unfunny state of the U.S. job market affectingt millions not likely laughing.

If you're unemployed, the video will probably provide a strikingly realistic look into the sometimes-baffling welfare system. If you're employed, you should probably be working to keep that job instead of watching cartoons.

Nah, just watch it anyway. You could use a break from having to also do the jobs of those laid-off coworkers in addition to your own.

The Associated Press released its Economy 101 on Friday along with some staggering statistics pulled from the federal unemployment report. Here's the gist: there are 15.4 million unemployed workers (more, depending on your definition of "unemployed")

Also, the number of long-term jobless cases is rising.

And we're seeing a new trend emerge, at least in newspapers in San Francisco and Hawaii. Homeless is now "residentially-challenged." Gotta be politically correct about everything these days

-- Mark Milian

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