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A (silent) way for Americans to thank the troops

December 1, 2009 |  7:44 am

President Obama speaks tonight on his latest new strategy for Afghanistan reportedly involving, in part, the dispatch of additional U.S. troops to join the 68,000 already there.

Meanwhile, with the holidays approaching and millions of Americans, both civilian and military, traveling, a private group of citizens has organized a campaign for those of us at home to express our sincere appreciation when encountering members of the volunteer U.S. military.

It's a simple hand gesture not unlike the Iraqi motion of touching your heart as a sign of sincerity when greeting someone.

Remember that Budweiser commercial where, one by one, airport travelers spontaneously began applauding soldiers as the soldiers walked by? This is feel-good like that, only silent.

Take a look at their brief video. And think about it.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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