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Ticket Replay: Borat is liking Tweet Obama, the Biden, Pamela Anderson, no gypsies

December 24, 2009 |  4:42 pm
Is happy back Borat is

As the holiday season arrives, our thoughts on The Ticket turn to working not quite so hard for a few days. So we are re-publishing some of our favorite or most-read items from 2009. This one on humorously the Borat is originally appearing here the May 7.

He's baaack, Borat is.

Is Tweeting.

And is liking.

The very much, thank you.

The unflummoxed outrageous foreigner from Kazakhstan who buffooned his ill-mannered way across the whole of U.S. and A. now has the Twitter account in different name. And is liking so much.

BarackBorat say: "You elect me president. I will have sexy times in White House, defeat gypsies and drink their tears. Is niiice."

"Thank you!" he tells another Twitterer, "I am Barack Borat. I like taxes, ping-pong, television remote control and sexy times!"

"I take the Biden to lunch today," he say. "We find plastic bib in WH kitchen, left over from Dan Quayle. Is niiice."

"Pamela Anderson teach me handling press talking-heads. If you're attractive on outside, we forgive irritating core. High-five!"

Not all the Borat for everyone. But he give the funny most times. Is missing goat entrails.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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