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Joe Biden update: Now, a secret oath-giving closed to the press

November 3, 2009 | 12:12 pm


A short time from now Vice President Joe Biden will disappear again from the public eye.

Don't worry too much. It's nothing involving a hidden bunker, that anyone knows about at least.

We've mentioned here before the Veepster's proclivity for the same kind of private, which is to say closed to the press, which is to say secret meetings that his evil predecessor Dangerous Dick Cheney also preferred, despite denunciations by Democrats in Congress, where Biden had served since his current boss was 11 years old.

Funny coincidence too because today is the first anniversary of that 2008 election eve when Obama and Biden wrapped up their successful $750 million campaign for the White House promising change to believe in and historic governing transparency involving such things as no lobbyists, publicly posting legislation days before signing and open meetings on C-SPAN.

This is another busy day for Biden, full of speech-listening and lunch-giving. This morning he heard German Chancellor Angela Merkel address a joint session of Congress. Then, Biden hosted a closed lunch for U.S.-European Summit participants, and later he'll sit in on the private meeting between President Obama and Secy. of Defense Robert Gates.

But the Biden schedule item that intrigues most today involves another one of his secret meetings, one that on the surface would not seem to require secrecy. It's the swearing-in of the president's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Not only that, it's the ceremonial swearing-in, meaning they're already been sworn in officially. This one is just for fun.

What kind of Democratic arts projects require secrecy?

Here's how the session appears on today's official vice presidential schedule as published by the White House, which apparently forgot to turn its clocks back last weekend:

At 4:00 PM EDT (sic), the Vice President will administer the oath of office at the ceremonial swearing-in of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. This event is closed press.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg News