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Huffington Post merging news with community service

October 12, 2009 |  1:56 pm

Arianna Huffington Liberal juggernaut the Huffington Post is launching a new feature called Impact at midnight, which places call-to-action buttons alongside blog posts.

The buttons, which are supplied in a partnership with Causecast, contain relevant links for charities and organizations.

For example, if you're reading news about homosexuals and AIDS, there might be a link to local HIV testing centers and the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gays.

Our colleague Dan Fost writes on the Times Technology blog:

You've got to love the left. Even when they're running capitalist enterprises, they want to find some way to help the downtrodden. ...

[Site founder Arianna] Huffington said ads will run on the site, and the Huffington Post and Causecast will split the ad revenue. Any money donated to any cause goes directly to the cause, with nothing coming out of it. 

Her site continues to expand, reinvesting its proceeds in the product. "We’ve had a very, very good advertising year," she said. "We would be in the black if we were not expanding. Whether you are profitable or not depends whether you're standing still or expanding. This is a window we need to take advantage of."

Ever had the urge to donate your time or money after reading a particularly heart-wrenching story? Let us know in the comments.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Arianna Huffington. Credit: Associated Press