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The top 7 remixes of Obama's lightsaber episode

September 18, 2009 |  5:48 am

Democrat president Barack Obama defends the White House against something with a Star Wars lightsaber OK, President Obama, now you've done it.

Posing with a lightsaber yesterday is the most significant and perhaps unintentional swing toward the nerd demographic since becoming an early adopter of Twitter during the presidential campaign.

Obama may have intended to rally for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, but the immediate effect is an army of open-arm sci-fi fans.

One popular blogger on all things nerd culture wrote that the photo op boosts the president's "geek cred."

If there's one thing tech geeks love more than "Star Wars," it's using computer editing software to manipulate things.

Once those ships collide, game over.

We've stumbled on so many good remixes that we had to compile them into a list.

Obama's real lightsaber - One remixer cranked up the image's special effects.

What not to do while the president is taking an awesome pic - This one was discovered by a Digg user. Click on the first photo and note the guy in the background, over Obama's left shoulder, who's doing some "digging" of his own.

Obama Wars - In this image, the president looks more mystified by his toy than by the masked warrior and robed fighters surrounding him.

Obama vs. Darth Vader - We'll take one of those presidential action figures. Does it have kung-fu grip?

He's got competition - And no Secret Service in sight. (But then that's why they call them secret.) Looks like he's on his own. At least he's got the Jedi stance down.

Epic Obama lightsaber battle - Believe it or not, the nerd faction was hip to Obama even before he was president. This fan-made video hit the Web last year during his campaign.

Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best lightsaber battle of all time - What meme is complete without referencing Kanye West's rude interruption of Taylor Swift's award acceptance speech?

And here's a real fun one here where you can add Kanye to any web page you like.

Speaking of which, have you seen the remix of Rep. Joe Wilson's interruption of Obama's congressional address?

Check this out:

Now that Obama is a Jedi, maybe he'll settle disputes with beer summits at the local cantina. We hear the music is good on Tatooine.

If you've spotted a good remix, describe it and give us a link in the Comments below. If we get enough, we'll collect them in another item in under two parseps.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Associated Press