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New Joe 'You lie!' Wilson video: He explains his outburst, seeks $$$

September 10, 2009 |  6:23 pm

Well, now it's Joe Wilson's turn to try to make money off the outburst over his outburst during President Obama's speech to Congress last night.

This morning  right here The Ticket reported that because he shouted "You lie!" when Obama claimed his healthcare reforms would not cover illegal immigrants, opponents of the 62-year-old South Carolina Republican mobilized overnight and claim to have raised way more than $100,000 to help defeat him next year.

We also included the shout video there and other reactions, including efforts to support the sudden-nobody-turned-somebody who became God's gift to Thursday cable news yakkers. The redoubtable Don Surber has a photo over here of what the new Joe Wilson T-shirt looks like.

Wilson apologized, of course, for his inappropriate behavior while maintaining opposition to the president's plans.

And he's just now posted his own video explanation of the incident (see below) and -- you'll never guess what else -- an appeal for money over here to counter the appeal for money by people seeking to counter his membership in the House. At this point Wilson would probably accept even Confederate dollars.

As always with videos and TV news, feel free to heckle the speaker back.

But then you might have to apologize too.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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