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C'mon, you know this Barack Obama 'do this' picture is funny

July 27, 2009 |  3:23 pm

Obama-smiling There's not a lot to this image of President Obama that's been passed around the Web over the last couple of days.

First, click here because we don't want to spoil what little surprise there is.

See it? Did you crack a smile?

We're split on our end. Some found it hilarious. Others got frustrated because, they said, it doesn't make any sense. Fair enough.

Maybe they should pass this around when Sgt. Crowley and Prof. Gates come over for that White House beer this week.

The copycats gave us a chuckle, too.

Sen. John McCain can apparently do the Obama smile.

President George W. Bush can actually turn into an Obama hybrid.

And Dick Cheney has some trouble emulating.

What do you think? Did "do this" make you smile?

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Associated Press