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White House misspills President Obama's name on diplomatic dokument

July 9, 2009 |  1:44 am

A scary Nuclear Explosion

Somebodie -- hopefilly, not the prezdent hisselff -- doesn't no how to spell hiz furst name.

The White House this week released a copy of a new agreement between the United States and Russia on how to re-start the START arms reduction treaty talks to save the world from nuclear holocaust. (See photo above.)

And according to the illustration provided by the sharp-eyed blogger Eric Zimmermann, in the Hill's must-read Blog Briefing Room, the official diplomatic document was signed on behalf of the United States of America by "Barak Obama."

Presumably closely related to the Barack Obama who moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. way back on Jan. 20. Seems longer than four months ago.

Another VIP named Dave Medvedev or something signed for the Russian Federation. 

You've got to watch those Russians every single minute.

(UPDATE: Obviously, such misteaks are not confined to government, as this newspaper correction shows.)

-- Andrue Malcolm

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Photo: Peace Pledge Union Project