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Does Sarah Palin really think there are 'snow machines' in Iraq?

June 12, 2009 |  2:44 am

No, of course she doesn't.

But, although she's got a running feud going with one late-night comedian, the Alaska Republican governor did make a brief surprise appearance last night on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report."

The alleged conservative late-night host is broadcasting all week from Iraq with nothing but enthusiastic U.S. troops in the audience for the bespectacled comedian in his new camo business suit. Colbert talks with the generals and soldiers.

But last night right at the program's beginning (see video below), Gov. Palin makes an unannounced brief taped tribute all the way from Anchorage to Baghdad to all the American soldiers serving there, including her 19-year-old son Track, who's been on duty there since a few days after John McCain selected Palin as his GOP VP running mate.

Palin says, jokingly, that everyone will be able to pick out her son over there in the desert. He'll be the one on the snow machine.

Meanwhile, Colbert interviews yet another optimistic general. Also in the video below.

BTW, Palin was scheduled to be on "Today" show this morning. Wonder whether NBC will ask her about the bad joke from CBS.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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