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No need to play the games now; Obama calls Lakers NBA champs in 6

June 2, 2009 |  6:32 pm

Democrat president Barack Obama holds a Hockey Stick the wrong way during a rally in North Dakota in the presidential campaign

Before leaving on his Middle East jaunt tonight, President Obama handed down his executive decision on the upcoming NBA championship series.

It doesn't start until Thursday, pitting the Los Angeles Lakers against another team.

On his way to the plane for the overnight flight to bow again before the king in Saudi Arabia, Obama was asked which team he liked in the NBA finals. "The Lakers in six, I think," he said. Then, the Democrat fled to the Middle East.

The new president has developed some sports creds in recent months, cheering openly for an NFL team from some nowhere Pennsylvania city in the Super Bowl and picking North Carolina to win the NCAA college basketball championship in March. He was correct in both cases.

When it came time for the NHL playoffs, Obama doesn't care. He didn't say and didn't attend any playoff games while Washington's Capitals were in it. As a result, they lost.

Currently, the Detroit Red Wings are in the process of annihilating a team from that same NFL Pennsylvania city, despite Tuesday's outcome. (UPDATE: In the end, Detroit lost to the other team in seven games.)

So the president had nothing to do but leave for Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Europe.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press (Obama shows how not to hold a hockey stick at a campaign rally in North Dakota).