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Funny Mark Sanford tweets fill Twittersphere

June 24, 2009 | 12:47 pm

Sanford Thousands of tweets were sent via Twitter in the wake of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's admission that he spent this weekend in Argentina where he cheated on his wife. Here are a small sample of funny lines delivered by the Twittersphere where this morning's press conference is by far the most popular thing to tweet about:

pourmecoffee: "I don't think it's good that a main takeaway of Sanford's press conference is how really awesome his mistress is."

Bagyants: "Sanford turned down one stimulus, accepted another. Flip flopper!"

TeresaKopec: "So instead of walking the trail, he was chasing some tail."

akubhai: "Ensign and Sanford both admit affairs. Any other GOP want to confess?"

pandagon: "The next Republican to have an affair will have to outdo Sanford. I predict a tryst ON THE MOON."

GregMitch: "One day after Obama's "gotcha" press conf we got Sanford's "gaucho" press conf." 

martinboz: "Somehow I doubt Argentinian tourist bureaus are going to use #Sanford as a selling point when promoting themselves as a vacation spot."

JayRodriguez: "Oh my God - The Gov. Sanford story was SOOOOOOOO much better than I thought it'd be. I was expecting a pain killer addiction, tops."

michaeljhix: "Revelations of Sanford's South American love fling brings new meaning to S.C. first lady's comment this week: "He does this sometimes."

javaonline: "Do you understand the fuss now? Lol This is a very disappointing week first jon and kate now gov sanford :( "

Spinelli666: "At least Sanford proves that not all #gop members hate all foreigners"

More tweets after the jump...

waitwait: "Anyone else feel let down when Sanford finally used the pronoun "she" to describe affair partner? me: *raises hand*"

maxsparber: "None of us are in a position to judge Sanford until we too have had sex with a woman in Argentina. Now who is up for a road trip?"

alanpdx: "The reason the #gop is so upset with #sanford is that he outsourced his hookers to a South American country."

David_in_Austin: "Sanford outsourcing affair. What a slap to the face of American homewreckers"

flywithelphaba: "Ah-ha! Not surprised at missing SC gov's escapades. Note to Sanford: South America is NOT a good place to hide! Remember Mengele?"

johnmoe: "I was most surprised when Sanford apologized for calling his son Lamont a "dummy" all those years."


-- Tony Pierce

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Photo: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford in June 2004 in Munich, Germany. Credit: EPA / Daniel Karmann