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John McCain Twitters news of his new U.S. hybrid

June 15, 2009 |  4:38 pm

A Ford Fusion Hybrid likke Arizona Republican John McCain bought

Previously, The Ticket reported here that the Obama team of Democrats assigned to save the American auto industry actually prefers foreign models for themselves.

Now comes word that Republican Sen. John McCain, who has nothing to do with saving the U.S. auto industry, has bought a Ford Fusion Hybrid to replace his aging Cadillac CTS for tooling around Washington.

He chose a silver one.

With that, he’ll get about 41 MPG, a little less if he ever gets out on the open road of which there aren’t many in that area.

McCain, much mocked during the presidential campaign for not using a BlackBerry like his Democratic competitor, made the announcement in a Tweet today to his nearly 773,000 followers on Twitter. "Time to get a new car -- decided on the Ford Fusion Hybrid." And he provided a link to here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Ford Motor Co.