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Behind Saturday Night Live's scenes: Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, John McCain

May 9, 2009 |  4:49 pm

It's Saturday.

LIVE from The Ticket, it's Marci Klein, senior producer of "Saturday Night Live," talking with the perceptive Julie Menin about life behind the cameras on the show that for more than a generation has made a fortune for NBC out of its political parodies. And shaped the political thinking (and votes?) of millions of Americans.

What's it really like behind the scenes of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" when politicians like Sarah Palin and John McCain and Hillary Clinton come to play?

Hint: McCain is really funny. Clinton not so much. Palin a real presence. Oh, and Tom Cruise missed his call.

Oh, and if you think the show strives for anything like political parity, Klein is candid. You should maybe be a comedy writer over there. (Check it out, after the jump...)

Julie's got several other parts to the Klein interview over here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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