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Vice President Joe Biden's official weekend schedule: Totally blank

May 16, 2009 | 12:12 am

Wilmington Delaware Amtrak station

After two full days of suffering across Southern California, Vice President Joe Biden will spend the entire two-day weekend recovering in Wilmington, Del.

Who wouldn't if they could?

They are, after all, getting a refurbished railroad station there.

According to the White House, the vice president, who spent the last 3.6 decades in the U.S. Senate while Barack Obama was growing up from a little boy in a log cabin, has no public events scheduled for the entire weekend. None. Nothing whatsoever.

The president will carry the administration's entire load this weekend. Well, not counting Saturday, which he too is scheduled to take off.(Although watch maybe for some kind of unexpected ambassadorial appointment announcement, as reported here late Friday by The Ticket, to make a big splash in the Sunday papers and TV talk shows.)

But Sunday, Obama gets to go out to Indiana to South Bend, which got its name, strangely, from being near the south bend of the St. Joseph River. There, a whole bunch of Catholics and others are still arguing over his support for abortion and a fake degree from some university there.

Obama will wear one of those funny robes and also give a speech, his second of the ongoing collegiate graduation season. Arizona State got him to give a graduation speech there the other night without having to fork over an honorary degree.

But back to the important stuff. Here's the vice president's official weekend schedule:



The vice president will be in Wilmington, DE this weekend. No public events are scheduled.

That pretty much says it all.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press (Wilmington railroad station where Biden will not be this weekend since he's taking both days off).