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Is this the 100th day Barack Obama is not really president?

April 29, 2009 |  4:44 am

According to the folks at a place calling itself the United States Justice Foundation,today is the 100th day that Barack H. Obama maybe perhaps should not really be president of all 57 states because they still question whether he was born in the United States, as the Constitution requires of its chief executives.

Barack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008

The courts would seem to have settled any question about Obama's nativity. Not that many people seem to be wandering the streets in doubt. Obama's sure acting like a president; ask Rick Wagoner, whose address is no longer GM.

And, of course, Obama took the oath twice. He's been greeting championship sports teams just like a president.

He even got a puppy like any real president. And he's signed a bunch of stuff and mortgaged the nation for a considerable period of time. Which might suggest to some that the issue is moot.

Uh, no.

Gary Kreep (not kidding) is dispatching thousands of e-mails in recent hours seeking -- well, seeking money, of course. But also seeking to raise questions about Obama being "a FRAUD, a USURPER, a man with no legal authority to sit in the position that he now claims to hold."

Loyal Ticket readers will recall that we've published a few past items on this issue here. And here. And over here.

In fact, last June we even published a copy of an Obama birth certificate from Hawaii. Maybe we'll do it again here. (Click on it to enlarge.)

None of this has satisfied those who demand that the man calling himself the 44th president produce his "real" birth certificate. Kreep writes:

If Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, WHY doesn't he just make his real birth certificate public? WHY has he spent a reported $800,000.00 in attorney fees to fight efforts to obtain his ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The more that he fights these efforts to see it, the more you have to wonder, WHY?

The Obama supporters want everyone to believe that only "fringies," the people that they now call "birthers," in other words, only people that they claim are outside of the main stream of thinking, question whether Mr. Obama is eligible to serve as President. But the truth of the matter is that more and more people, including many federal, state, and local elected officials, AND many in the military, are questioning whether Barack Hussein Obama is a "natural born citizen."

"Please know," the e-mail adds, "that we are not saying that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to serve as President of the United States of America. The problem is we just do not know!"

Just taking a wild guess here, but this issue, like a few others in modern American history, seems unlikely to go away -- even after 200 days.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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