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Everybody loves Raymond, including Barney Frank

April 23, 2009 |  7:39 pm

Safe to say that Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank is not your basic gym rat.

Democrat Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts

And he is definitely not a ranking member of the House Workout Committee.

This reality produced an entertaining telephone exchange today on Sirius XM Satellite Radio's POTUS Channel 130 or Sirius 110, when afternoon host Pete Dominick asked the representative about his vow to begin exercising:

Dominick: So how many times can you commit to the gym?

Frank: Well, I’m going to try to do four times a week.

Dominick: What are you doing now?

Frank: I’m sitting in my chair rocking.

Dominick: That is not good cardio. You’re only working your calves.

Frank: I’m not even working my calves.  I’m working the tips of my toes.  We have a gym here in the House and I will go work on the elliptical later today.

Dominick observed that what people listen to during a workout is a key to success and wondered what Frank's listening tastes were.

Frank: I watch situation comedies.

Dominick: What’s your favorite one?  I’m a comedian.

Frank: I like kind of verbal word play.

Dominick: Say "The Office"?

Frank: Yeah, although I’m a great "Everybody Loves Raymond" fan.

There's more. Check out the audio of Download BarneyFrankaudio w pete dominick - .

-- Andrew Malcolm

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