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Celeb noses out of joint as Obama disses Hollywood this time

March 19, 2009 |  4:03 pm

Democratic President Barack Obama at a townhall meeting with no celebrities just regular Americans in Costa Mesa California 3-18-09

You sure didn't see any of it during the two adulatory town hall sessions President Obama just held in Southern California.

But there are apparently a whole bunch of powerful, behind-the-scenes Hollywood types -- you know, the famous faces and the large wallets that helped make the rookie senator a rookie president -- that are truly out of joint today, in addition to being held high in the air.

It seemed at least half of liberal Hollywood ensconced to Washington for the historic inauguration back on Jan. 20. And they had a high old time. Even in the cold.

But, if you can believe this, according to one of our favorite writers here, Tina Daunt, the well made-up Hollywood set of divas -- and divos? -- is upset that for his recent St. Patrick's Day bash at the White House, the new president actually had large numbers of people from chicago. Oh, OK, Chicago. That grungy, cold, windy, corrupt city on the lake that isn't even the second largest in population anymore.

He had actual Irish people like Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife into the White House. What's Daley made recently that drew big? Other than Blagojevich?

And at today's LA town hall one of the questioners said: "I'm not one of the Hollywood people. Just one of your volunteers." And he got a huge cheer.

The famous folks were left out. And they seem to being held at arm's-length. They weren't, for instance, among the first to know about Obama's trip to Southern California this week. And, if you can believe this too, they're not all over the stage with him.

They have to watch on TV.

Well, Tina has more on this absolutely shocking outrage over here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times