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Obama agrees to 3 graduation speeches: Annapolis, Arizona State, Notre Dame

March 20, 2009 | 10:49 pm

U S Naval Academy graduates in Annapolis toss their hats in the air to celebrate their graduation and the end of the commencement address

Not that it's proven very hard to blast President Barack Obama out of Washington in his first nearly nine weeks, but the White House has announced three more trips for him in May.

He'll be the commencement speaker at three university graduations, always a felicitous crowd and propitious time for a politician to make an appearance and speak, hopefully not for too long, as happy families gather to celebrate no more $10,000 quarterly tuition bills.

For all the campaign change about talk -- or the other way around -- Obama is sticking with the time-honored presidential commencement-speaking tradition in his first year: one military academy (Naval Academy, May 22), one public school (Arizona State University, May 13) and one private school (Notre Dame, May 17).

These new graduates ought to be getting down to work as quickly as possible because they are, after all, the generation we're leaving all this new debt to.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: U.S. Naval Academy graduation