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Obama, Geithner and Washington's week in photos

March 16, 2009 |  7:22 am

Being a blog, of course, The Ticket tends to believe that it takes 1,000 pictures to equal one written item. We do like to use unusual photos with our unpredictable items though.

Well, we don't have 1,000 photos here this morning.

But we do have an excellent selection of some very good political photography out of Washington in recent days. President Obama. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. President Obama.

And when we find such things, we naturally think of sharing them with the most important people in our lives. And also with our families.

So check these out. It's a busy Monday, we know.** But it only takes a minute.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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**For our growing number of Ticket readers in New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines, please insert "busy Tuesday" for Monday when applicable.