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Michelle Obama dines with Hagrid, Hermione and Harry Potter's gang

April 1, 2009 |  4:46 am

By the wizardry of Sarah Brown, wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, First Lady Michelle Obama will have dinner tonight in London with Ron Weasley, Hermione, Hagrid, McGonagall, Dumbledore and the person who created each one of these magical characters, J.K. Rowling.


The Obamas are avowed fans of Rowling's "Harry Potter" books, whose multi-volume adventures they've been reading along with their daughters, Sasha and Malia, over the years. (Scroll down or click on the "Read more" line to view a video of the Obamas talking about the "Harry Potter" books.)

And as a special gesture to the visiting new American first lady, Britain's first lady has seated her next to Rowling for this evening's dinner of G-20 spouses in London. Rowling is a major financial contributor to the ruling Labour Party.

The menu is set to include Welsh lamb, new potatoes and asparagus.

The dinner will be held at 10 Downing St. since Hogwarts is undergoing renovations.

— Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Harry Potter Fan Zone