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Politics, beer, St. Pat's Day: A guide to the best airport political arguments

March 17, 2009 |  5:44 am

Politics and beer gDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has a cold one on the presidential camapaign trail last yearo really well together.

They say.

We wouldn't know.

Though, admittedly, maybe not now at breakfast time.

But we wanted to alert U.S. Ticket readers before they headed for the airport that if you find yourself traveling on this almost all-important party day celebrating St. Patrick, our blogging colleague Jen Leo over at the Travel & Deal blog has just the thing for you today:

A St. Patrick's Day guide to airport beer spots. And where there's beer these days, there are political arguments.

Where to go on Concourse C in Minneapolis? What are the offerings in Las Vegas' Terminal D? And what about Chicago's O'Hare, where more travelers spend more involuntary time than almost anywhere else (not counting the 101).

And, hey, if you're flying East from the West, it's already getting late by their time.

Jen's guide is right over here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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