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Now Mrs. O wants to keep her BlackBerry too, just like President Obama

February 9, 2009 |  1:14 am

The new president Barack Obama always has his BlackBerry at hand

Now comes word, not via cellphone, that First Lady Michelle Obama is at least as addicted, if not more so, to her BlackBerry than the First Husband.

The new president had to get special permission and security gear on his device, one, to prevent message interception and, two, to avoid being tracked. Which makes sense in this world.

Most of the attention on the First Family's First Devices has focused on how tech-savvy and hip and swell it isNow comes word that First Lady Michelle Obama is also a BlackBerry addict and wants to keep hers. But less attention has been focused on the fact that all of their communications become part of the presidential records. That's why most elected official foreswear e-mail while in office.

Think about it. E-mail is about the most casual form of modern communications, after grunting and finger gestures.

In fact, right now go to your deleted e-mail file. Skim through that junk. "How u?" "Where u?" "gonna callin sick 2day 2 tired." "Zup w/hillary?" "Pls delete me from your email list!" "Is norah 4 real?" How bout dose sox!" "nice tie! :-D" "Special Male Enhancement Offer Today Only."

How would you like all of that stuff preserved for the rest of the country's history in the National Archives?

What a treat historians and our kids will have someday when the Obama administration records are released. And someone gets to comb through every husbandly and wifely e-mail and text message.

While we're on the subject, our Tech blog folks assembled a photo gallery of the Great Change Agent with his BBerry. It's right here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credits: Associated Press