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Pelosi: More Americans to lose jobs than there are Americans

February 4, 2009 |  3:16 pm

President Barack Obama, in an apparent effort to push his embattled economic stimulus package, has taken to opening virtually every public statement with some powerfully convincing new dire economic statistic, such that some of us have stopped spending altogether.

Now, at a session with Washington reporters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked if pushing that stimulus package for signing-in time for Presidents Day was perhaps rushing things a bit.  And the California representative took her recession cheerleading to a thoroughly depressing new level.

She predicted that if legislators didn't hurry with the plan, more Americans would lose their jobs than there are Americans -- 500 million.  (Listen for yourself on the video below.)  "I don't think we can go fast enough," she added.

According to the Census Bureau's Population Clock, total U.S. population this afternoon is coming up on 306.8 million.  Meaning that without the Great Change Agent's economic plans, unborn generations of fellow citizens already have hopeless lives laid out for them even before their conception.  What's the point of anything anymore?

She probably just misspoke out of her excitement over the current bad news.  Millions.  Thousands. What's the difference once you're in D.C. in these days of trillions?  Or she was kidding.  Or just being Pelosibolic.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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