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John McCain starts raising money for Senate term #5

February 11, 2009 |  7:14 am

Republican senator and former presidential candidate John McCain of Arizona walks down a hallway at home

In case you were wondering -- really wondering --- John McCain is really running again for the U.S. Senate.

The Republican has said all along since the White House thing went south and the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl that he wanted to stay in the Senate. But now he's actively seeking contributions and support, saying he anticipates "a tough reelection challenge" to remain as Arizona's senior senator.

This would be the former POW's fifth six-year term. At 72, McCain seems undaunted by the challenges of starting another campaign just a couple of months after ending an unsuccessful 21-month presidential one. How many hands can one man shake in a lifetime?

Republican Arizona senator John McCain would like some of your money for his 2010 re-election campaign

If he wins and serves out the term, McCain would be as old as the Grand Canyon at the end. But because his mother is almost 25 years older and remembers the dinosaur die-off, his family genes predict longevity.

"The economic challenges currently confronting our nation are immense," McCain said in an e-mail to millions of supporters. "And unfortunately, the Democrats in Congress propose addressing these challenges through increased spending that wastes billions of taxpayers dollars and saddles our children and grandchildren with a staggering debt.

"Their proposals will not stimulate economic growth or create jobs. While the leader of the Democratic Party, President Obama, has pledged to change business as usual in Washington and spoken of bipartisanship, I have been saddened to watch as Congressional Democrats try to use their majority to advocate more of the same failed policies and wasteful spending of the past.

"With so much at stake, now is not the time to step away from my work in the Senate."

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo:Off and running again, McCain rushes down a home hallway in Arizona.

Credit: Stephan Savoia / Associated Press